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The Riverwatcher Fish Counter


The Vaki Riverwatcher is used to monitor fish migration in rivers and lakes. Using infra red scanning technology and high resolution cameras it is possible to recognize different species and validate the counts with silhouette images and photos. The Riverwatcher is used in more than 300 sites all over the world including Iceland, Scandinavia, Ireland, UK, USA, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany and Switzerland.


Main features of the Riverwatcher


  • The Riverwatcher counts the fish with more than 98% accuracy.
  • The Riverwatcher measures the size of each fish with more than 90% accuracy.
  • The control unit stores an image of every fish that passes the scanner, so the counting can be verified afterwards.
  • The date and time of day that each fish passes the scanner is recorded.
  • The water temperature is measured at frequent intervals.
  • The scanner's electronic equipment is housed in a strong plastic frame, to protect it from damage.
  • Power can be supplied from solar panels and a deep cycle battery.
  • The counter can easily be adjusted for use in all fish ladders, dams, traps and similar places.
  • Storing and presentation of all data from a PC program.
  • Remote control through mobile or landline telephone.
  • The RiverWatcher can be used to trigger a video camera.
  • It is possible to connect several counters together and monitor rivers where there are no fishways.


  • Comparison of catch figures and the movement pattern of the fish to calculate the exploitation rate
  • Comparison of the movement pattern of the fish from one year to another
  • Evaluation of the results of rearing and smolt releases
  • Assessment of the influence of different environmental factors
  • Assessment of the efficiency of the fish ladder
  • Valuable data for better fisheries management
  • Identification of species, sex, wild/farmed fish etc.